Texport Industries Private Limited (formerly Texport Garments) is a full service group, based in India, built on a platform that strives to achieve a synergy that cannot be compared to the rest, thus allowing us to provide quality apparels, worldwide. Strategically located in Mumbai, Bangalore and Tirupur, we harness the best geographical resources available. TIPL, a Underwriters Laboratories certified ISO 9001:2000 company is a well-known and reputed business house for its ethical standards and commitment.

Closely held by the Goenka family since its inception in 1978, TIPL is one of the most well known and reputed business houses in the garment industry, in India as well as in the international markets. It is one of the first companies in India to start export operations. Known for its quality and commitment to social responsibility, it is a pioneer in valuing human relationships. TIPL produces in excess of 1.4 million garments a month (17 million annually) from nineteen directly owned facilities.

TIPL's real strength lies in its production and product development, with the company's management laying emphasis on QUALITY and PRODUCTIVITY. The company also has highly skilled associates and trained personnel ensuring QUALITY at every level. A lot of attention is given to DETAIL. We hire the best in the industry and make no compromises when it comes to human resources. We have skilled and technically qualified personnel manning our machines and processes.


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